You will find the cheapest way to fly to Cagliari or Olbia online via:

Please keep in mind that we won’t have the option to shuttle from airports, train- or bus stations to the camping site. So please book a flight that arrives at a time where it is still possible to catch the daily connections to the camping site. Busses and trains don’t drive at night.

from Cagliari to Oristano

Train direct from Airport Cagliari to Oristano Center. (7€)
Bus (6.50€): Plan

from Olbia to Oristano

Bus to Olbia Center. Then Train to Oristano Center. (12.50€)

from Oristano to Camping Nurapolis

From Oristano Train Station or Oristano Center you need to take the bus Linea 703 and tell the bus driver to drop you off at Is Areas. The camping is at 1.5 kilometer away.