There are several showers and toilette points in the camping, where you will get hot showers, can use clean toilets and even use a washing machine for your clothes.
The Camping is situated in the middle of a natural reserve. Respect the nature and the people, who make it possible to make this festival happen. The festival area and the whole camping should be left without a trace. Don’t leave trash or cigarettes buns anywhere. The infrastructure of the camping is very well maintained, so there are garbage bins everywhere. Please keep the wonderful beach clean. The beach is public – however during this time of the year mostly empty, but please also keep in mind that in Italy nudity is not so much accepted as in other places. We want to enjoy our family festival holiday with open eyes and hearts – take care of yourself and of each other.
The festival is not an official event, but a private club happening. By buying a ticket you buy a temporary membership of our club, you will have to agree to our terms and conditions that you are responsible for any of your actions and that they are compatible with the legal rules laid down by the Civil Code and Penal Code of the Italian Republic. Don’t do anything that might endanger yourself or the safety of others. With the festival ticket you have the right to be on the festival area from the 5th October in the evening (from 6pm) to the 9th of October in the morning (till 10am). This also includes the camping fees for these days. If you decide to come earlier or stay longer, please keep in mind that you will have to pay an additional fee per person and day. Please also keep in mind that before the 5th of October the kitchen and bar is closed for anybody other than the crew/staff-members.
We are in a very dry forest, so please don't use any barbecue/grill and don't make open fires. There are several fireplaces which you can use to enjoy your little BBQ.
The amazing beach next to our festival site may be used at all times. Especially the sunset is always a beautiful experience. There aren`t any fences that divide the camping area with the beach. Please use the trails through the dune to get to the beach. Yet, don’t underestimate the spot, when you go swimming, because the currency can be really strong at some days, even if you are a good swimmer. Please take care of each other and don’t go swimming when not sober.
The camping has got his own camper and bus area where you can park your beauty.
At the camping, there is a little market where you can buy all necessary things you will need. This will be open in the morning and in the evening. There are BBQ spots on the camping too. However, our kitchen and bar team will provide you with food and drinks throughout the festival.
When you get to the camping site, you must check in with us and get your wristband. With buying a ticket, you simultaneously make a reservation for the camping site as well. This is why you need to fill in all the required details correctly, so we can make a reservation for the camping for you. If you just show your ID and your ticket confirmation at the entrance, you will get it. In case you want to sell a ticket that you already bought, we need from that person all the details that you filled in before. These are also necessary for the club membership. We won’t do any harm with your data or give it away to any other third parties. For this cases, please write us an e-mail with the subject “Ticket exchange” and provide us all the required information.
Our festival lives from your participation, we look forward to connect with you.

We are always looking for dedicated individuals to help us out with the multitude of tasks we have. If you are interested, please give us a quick resume about you and what you`re good at / experienced with by sending an e-mail to:

If you want to participate musically in Sa Terza Metari, please write an email to:

Artists for perfomances, installations, shows, etc. are welcome to present their projects to give us an overview about your projects and activities by sending an email to:

For all general festival stuff and question about ticketing please send an e-mail to: