I hereby request to join the cultural association “Champs Elysee” for the year 2017 as an ordinary member. I declare to share the objectives expressed by the Articles of the Association and that I want to contribute to their achievement. I acknowledge that the datas I provide are absolutely confidential and I agree they can be used with the only purpose of providing more detailed information about the Association. (a.s.d.L. 196/2003)


1) The participant shall undertake to employ, under penalty of exclusion from the event, an attitude compatible with the legal rules laid down by the Civil Code and Penal Code of the Italian Republic; and shall not assume, under any circumstances, behaviors that might endanger himself or the safety of others;
2) The participant releases the organization from any liability, direct or indirect, for any material and non-material damage and / or expenses (including attorneys' fees), which may be derived as a result of participation in the event "Saterzametari" even as a result of their behavior;
3) The Participant, finally, with the signing of this form assumes any liability that may arise from the exercise of reckless activity and release the organizers from any civil or criminal liability, even objective, as a result of injuries caused to themselves or others and to sudden illnesses that occur during the duration of the event, or resulting from the use of infrastructure, as well as release the organizers from any liability related to theft and / or damage of any personal item. Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the italian Civil Code the participant declares to have carefully examined all the clauses contained in the declaration of exemption from liability of the organizers and specifically approve all the listed points.
The aspirant member states that all the data he \ she will provide in the next step to is true and that he agrees to the terms and conditions of this form.