We are looking for individuals that want to support our community
and that see their contribution as a valuable enrichment
beyond financial interests.

If you want to be an active part in the co-creation of our gathering we
invite you to send us your request at the e-mail adress mentioned below.

We are open to receive your detailed applications
for a wide range of activites.

Application for the Volunteer Team:

Application as a DJ, Liveact or Band:

The IlluminArea is the heart of our gathering. This year the three main
topics are Nature, Community, and Healing. We want to inspire,
empower, and transform our members.

We provide a sacred space for talks, workshops, yoga and other classes
along with different other areas for healing sessions or ceremonies.

Please tell us how you want to contribute:

Art & Exhibition:
PERCEZIONE: Along the artistic path to a better world

Raising awareness of preserving nature and strengthening community
values are the main objectives of this exhibition.
We look for originality, quality, cohesiveness and a distinct and
passionate artistic point of view.
We embrace all subject matter and encourage the exploration of cultural
identity as well as of enviromental and social issues.
All styles are welcome, from the traditional to the conceptual.
Our ImaginArea will be open during the whole gathering and provide
a calm and inspirational ambiance.

Therefore, your art would take an active role in fostering nature and
community success throught the practice of art making.

Contact us if you have any questions about the transportation of your
artworks and about participation conditions.

Furthermore we are looking for artists that want to contribute with an
art installation or live paintings.

Please send us your application at:

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We are looking forward to go on an adventure with you !