Dear STM Family,

We are writing this statement in moment where the world, how we know it, is turned upside down. The restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 crisis in just a few weeks have the potential to change our lives forever.

Furthermore, the state of emergency, which is in place for our foreseeable future, as you know, is taking a particularly hard toll on the arts and cultural sector.

We, like so many others, are affected by this pandemic outbreak. Our core team has had numerous online meetings to discuss and make carefully weighed decisions related to our gathering and the plans for our future. Considering also that our event is in Italy, we deal with an even more delicate situation as the country faces really hard restrictions.

Our little gathering aimed always to create a little magic place, where every participant has had the freedom to find the space to complete their expression of love, personality, art and culture - where we unite to dream of a better world, together.

That being said, this pandemic calls for behaviour that is both: ethical and responsible. And after much deliberation we can now share the decision that was made in the process.

Guided by our principles, especially those of freedom and unity, and to preserve public health, we regret to announce that we are forced to cancel the 2020 Edition of Sa Terza Metari.

During discussions we concluded that even if small events will be allowed again by September/October we don't want to subject our event to restrictions as we don't wish to change the carefully crafted atmosphere we have all made together.

In contrast to many others, we are not facing an existential crisis and we, in this moment of time, still have lots of hope for the future. We stand in solidarity with all our friends and partners who have to fight right now for their very existence and our heart goes out to any of our family who has been directly or indirectly affected by Covid-19.

We, the core team, will use this time we have, to make Sa Terza Metari come back stronger and better. We strive to activate our community even more and want to pave the ways to produce, along with our annual gathering, other events and start new projects in the near future.

We are open to collaborations with other cultural and creative operators, especially those in need, and ask everyone to get in touch with us to discuss ideas to bridge the gap.

What the virus has just taken away from us, we will not simply get back. We must roll up our sleeves and work hard to reclaim our freedom and celebrations.

We as an artistic and cultural collective do not accept a future without us in it. Culture is timeless and is relevant for the system and it's time to have an open discourse on how we can save not only our lives or our health system, but also our culture, civil rights and our claim to a self-determined life beyond the crisis!

We all understand that this crisis will fundamentally change our society. It's up to all of us, wherever we can, to turn this around for the better and stand for what is important to us.

Together in solidarity, we are the keepers of hope and we will come out of this situation more powerful than ever before.

With all the love in our hearts of all the wonderful memories that we created together, we truly want to wish everyone of you all the best and thank you for your patience, support and understanding.

We will keep you updated and informed as we navigate through this time.

Take care of you and everyone around you.

Stay creative.
Stay strong.
Stay yourself.

In Love We Trust


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