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The festival officially begins on Thursday at 18.00pm and ends on Monday at 09.00am. Guests will be allowed to enter the festival campsite on Thursday from 08.00am. Please note that we will not let you in before Thursday! For departure, there are no set dates to leave the camp ground, but spontaneous extra nights will have to be paid separately directly to the camping staff.


There is one cash machine at the entrance of camping Nurapolis open any time. As we’ve known this ATM to not hold enough money for everyone, please bring your own cash to the festival. As you might know from the past Sa Terza Metari editions, we have our own currency. You will be able to change euros into our festival currency at the info point. Please keep in mind that the info point will close towards the end of the event, so try to calculate your exchanges as precisely as possible. Exchanged currency cannot be redeemed into euros. If you have some money left at the end of the event you can put it in our “offer box” at the entrance - the amount will be donated to local/social projects that we'll announce on spot.


There will be an awareness team on site during the festival, which will be available for all emergencies. Please pay attention to each other and contact any of our staff if you see or experience violence, sexist, racist or discriminating situations, mental or physical breakdowns. Please be respectful towards yourself, others and nature around you.


Bathrooms: There are several bathroom buildings with hot water for showers and indicated drinking water taps. Half of the bathrooms will be closed for cleaning each day. Please respect the camping staff in doing their work. There is a washing machine in each bathroom. You can buy a token at the reception in order to use it. Electricity: You can charge phones at the power outlets in the bathroom buildings. There will be no extra cell phone charging station at the festival.


The festival will take place in campeggio NURAPOLIS. Tickets will include 4 nights of camping. You will need to bring your own tent and sleeping equipment. If you don't feel like sleeping in a tent, you can rent a caravan (in Nurapolis) or a bungalow (in Is Arenas) with your ticket order. Find prices and conditions on our ticket page. If you want to sleep in your car or van, please make sure to tick the box ‘campervan’ when buying your ticket! We only have limited space for camping with vans/buses and they are only allowed to park in specific spots. The camping staff will give you instructions at the entrance. As soon as this area is full, there will only be the possibility to park vehicles on the designated parking lots. Please leave your camping stove at home. Due to the danger of forest fire, camping stoves are not allowed to be used.


The only way to get your car onto the camp ground is when you sleep in it. Private or rental cars can be parked on the campings inside parking lots for 1€ a day or on the public parking lot right outside the campground for free.


Always throw your cigarettes into an ash tray! Sardegna is a very dry island and the risk of fires is very high even without cigarettes thrown on the ground. Therefore please be really careful when putting out your smokes. And remember that most filters take ages to decompose.


Dogs are allowed on the campgrounds. As a dog owner, please take care of your pet at all times and clean up after it.


The sale of illegal drugs is not tolerated. Dealers are expelled immediately!


We will carry out random ribbon checks on the premises and at the entrances during the event. Passing on the festival wristband is not permitted.


Open fires are strictly prohibited on all camping grounds! Since our camping area is in the middle of the pine tree forest, it is not possible to have a barbecue there. Please also leave your camping stoves at home! During the dry summer season, we have to be very careful to prevent forest fires.


In case of emergencies or injuries, there will be a medic team and -room available, located close to the entrance. Should you or another need medical help, you can contact any of our staff at the bars, entrance, info point, security, awareness or medic team. We recommend you to save our medic’s mobile number, which you can find in the festival booklet, at bars or stalls.


There will be food stalls and the campground's restaurant offering a vegetarian and mixed, sardinian menu. Please consider a sensible consumption of meat or fish, we only have one planet. For any small treats or hygienical needs, you don’t have to go all the way to Oristano. There are Minimarkets on both campgrounds open during the day for your needs from cheese to soap. The info point team will take care of you during the night as well, with tobacco, tricks and treats. Please consider buying what you need on site, instead of bringing a lot of outside packaging waste to the festival.


Please refrain from graffiti and tags. STM can only exist with a good relationship to the campings, thus we need to keep them clean. Consider drawing your name into the sand at the beach :)


STM is open to families with kids. We recommend families to camp in the designated area at Nurapolis. There will be a few shows and workshops suitable for children. In general though, we’d like to encourage all parents to get together with other families and take care of your little rascals in collaborative support.


Please leave your confetti at home. We want to respect the beach, lake and forest and leave everything as we found it. Please also only bring biodegradable glitter, to reduce microplastic/ metall-pollution.


Participation in the festival is basically at your own responsibility. We assume no liability for physical and material damages during the event and also not during arrival and departure. The instructions of the security have to be followed.


Lost property can be handed in at the Lost & Found at the info point during the festival. After the festival, you can find it at the entrance of Nurapolis campground.


From around 7 to 10 in the morning, there will be no music program. Use the time to get into one of our workshops, have breakfast, relax or go swimming :)


Enjoy the festival, take care of yourselves and your fellow dancers and better ask twice if you see that a person might not be well. Mental or physical violence and wilful damage to property are not tolerated. Sexist, racist, homo- and transphobic, anti-disabled and similar attacks will not be tolerated!


Not everybody wants to be in your pictures. If you’re taking photos or films, ask people for their consent first.


With a lot of love we have put together a great music program on the floors for you. The campground, however, is meant to be a retreat. Please respect the quiet areas and leave your own sound systems at home.


In case of severe weather conditions please keep calm. Don’t go swimming and don’t get into the sea. Get into secure buildings and leave the dancefloors. Offer protection to others and avoid the pine tree forest! Pay attention to the announcements of the organization.


Please be aware that the sea area can be very dangerous. Always check on the sea and weather conditions before getting into the water. Please do not go swimming when you’re alone at the beach!


There is no ticket return! If you cannot attend the festival, you can contact us until the 6th of September, for an official ticket exchange. In order to do so, please find a person interested in taking over your ticket and message us via, stating your own and their contact data. Ticket sales or exchanges are only valid through us! Don’t buy tickets from any third party!


Sa Terza Metari really wishes you to pollute as little as possible. So share your cars or share your vans if you can. You can find detailed travel information on our page TRAVEL.


Drinking water will be available at indicated taps in all bathroom buildings. Please bring your own refillable bottle for water, in order to reduce waste. You can bring beverages from outside. As we’re working on reducing overall waste production, we still like to ask you to consider buying beer at the bars (from the tap) instead of bringing cans. Please also use reusable cups for your mixed drinks.

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