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We are very normal people having a very normal, yet very big, dream:

Making the world a better place.

We believe humans are able to create better things than individualistic societies and a collapsing planet. We would love to see a future, in which people consume less, while living in smaller, more self-sufficient cities. A future in which wealth is redistributed and every human is given equal value and chances to survive as well as self-realise. A future of inclusive societies, involving the whole variety of cultures and sensibilities, redefining borders. A future that our

children will be able to live in!


These dreams are huge of course!

Still, with Sa Terza Metari we aim to set an example

for the change we want to see in the future - even on a tiny scale.

Our mission is to form an open community of creative minds, developing and spreading ideas on new models of living together in awareness, collectivity and balance.

We want to establish a diverse, independent cultural centre that unites people in collaboratively working on providing small, creative solutions to these big problems of our time.

And we aspire to reach these goals with solidarity, pluralism, equality and sustainability.

Since the story of Sa Terza Metari festival began in 2014, we realised that

through the means of culture and art,

it has brought together a colourful conglomeration of

individual creatives and ingenious collectives.

This mad powerful crowd, made up from both crew and participants,

actually is the foundation stone to the mission that we’re on!

What now is a microcosmic bubble, flourishing with talents and potential,

can soon grow to burst and flood the future with new ideas, vibrant colours and most of all

- love and respect for each other and mother earth!

Let’s leave the world a bit better than we found it!

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