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You can choose tickets for sleeping

inside camping Nurapolis

(choosing tent, minibus or caravan)


outside of Nurapolis

>> highly recommended for families with kids! <<

(you will then have to book accommodation outside of Nurapolis separately, e.g. in Is Arenas, or an Airbnb)

Please choose wisely, as later swaps into or outside of

camping Nurapolis will not be possible!


>> <<

Tickets with accommodation in TENT will already include the festival admission.

For Minibus or Caravan tickets, you'll have to

add the number of festival tickets in the second step!

>> <<

All tickets are personalised!

You'll need the ID-card/passport at hand for each person you're ordering a ticket for.

>> <<

As last year, by ordering ticket(s), you're applying for membership(s) in the 'Associazione culturale Rescue Remedy' for the duration of one year. The granted membership includes the admission to Sa Terza Metari. Membership ends without notice after one year and

cannot be extended.

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